Pricing - TLPhotoWorks



To hold a date and time, 1/2 of the fee is due when booking service.(TLPhotoWorks will not guarantee the date without payment.) 

Please have an alternate date and time if the first choice is not available.


Bridal, Family


(actors, dancers, musicians and corporate)




Portrait 1   $175

2 looks, 2 edited high resolution print ready images

$10 per additional edit per image

CD of up to 20 web ready images

Portrait 2   $250

3 looks 4 edited high resolution print ready images

$10 per additional edit per image

CD of up to 20 web ready images

Addtional add-ons

$75 for 20 page album of images ($4 per additional page)

$50 for slide shot of images complete with music of choice

*Slide show has to be chosen with package as additional images will be needed*


Please contact me directly for pricing and the details of your event




$200 (additional shooter) optional

4 hours of main event coverage

(Ceremony, before the event, bride and groom, family included)

(Other events as time permits)

16X20 Framed Print

8X8 Photo Album



$250 (Additional Shooter-Recommended)

5 hours of coverage

(Getting ready, ceremony, bride and groom, family, reception)

(Others as time permits)

16X20 Frame Print

10X10 Premium Album



Second Shooter Included

8 hours of coverage

(Getting ready, ceremony, bride and groom family, reception, plenty more)

20X24 Famed Print

8.5X11 Premium Album

CD slide show of event

(to music of your choice. Images chosen by photographer)



1 to 2 hours coverage

1 8X10 Framed Print

CD of images

$50 for slide show of images with music of your choice


Deposits are none refundable. However deposits may be applied to a future date if re-scheduled 48 hours (2 days) before original appointment date.

Cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment date automatically forfeits the deposit. Deposits may not be automatically used for a future date. TLPhotoWorks will charge an additional 25% to the total price to reschedule if within the 48 hours before the original appointment date.

After 48 hours without a call (not email or text), TLPhotoWorks has the discretion to reschedule or not.

In unique and special cases of no cancellation within the 48 hours before the original appointment and we agree to a partial refund, TLPhotoWorks will charge a 25% Service fee on the deposit for cancellations. 

(We will make every effort to work with you on a person-to-person basis, however TLPhotoWorks uses the advance payment to book studio time, rent equipment and perform additional purchases to make sure you are satisfied with the end product. This is why the deposit is non-refundable.)

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